Groupe Lefebvre

The Lefebvre group is a global company specialized in woodworking (beech) for more than 60 years. Its production is shared into 6 locations, in France and in Romania. This familial group count now 500 employees.

The idea of using Tocosk was interesting for everyone in the company : "Being free to train anywhere, anytime is a huge asset".

The use of Tocosk is very simple and bring a huge gain in time. We just need a computer and we let Tocosk do the rest. everything is well-explained. Id a user is lost on the platform, he finds his way easily with the “Help” button available in all the exercises.

At first, we looked for a classroom training, very expansive and not efficient at all unlike Tocosk which is financially speaking very interesting and extremely efficient. For an in-class training, you have to elect an organism, to make contact, to negotiate, … This kind go trainings were taking too much time in our timetable. Furthermore, during one in-class training, you just forgot everything that was saying.

Thanks to Tocosk, we can now do better analysis on our Human Ressources for exemple. By using pivot tables, we can have a better look on our timetables, on our wage bill, our activity reports, … Excel is used in all branches et all the managers at Lefebvre Group are now training with Tocosk. It is a way to reduce the volume of work.

We called Tocosk because everyone is poorly trained or just trained on the job. The problem is that these are the consequences of the loss of time on easy tasks. Tocosk is this solution against this lack of training and we are very happy yo work with them.

Indeed, more than a simple formation, Tocosk is a way to increase the efficiency of your company and we can verify this statement all the time. We observe that the employees are more comfortable with Office tool.

Joséphine Famery, Human ressources manager, Groupe Lefebvre


ENSTBB school is part of INP Bordeaux, a group of engineering schools. This school is for training future engineer in biotechnologies. It provided high level managers with recognised qualities. ENSTBB is known as the first formation in biotechnology is France (title delivered by LEEM).

Our students have to master Excel for two major reasons. First, it is important for exploiting their experimentation datas and for having the capacities to show them with the good graphics. Secondly, our students go on an internship on their first and last year. Last year, the professionals said to us that some students had significant deficiencies on Excel. In our biotechnology school, the Office Suite is extremely important for job requests. Professionnals want that the students have a good level on Excel. Before Tocosk, there were computer classes given by a teacher in groups. This class was basic, very light in the program. The exercices were not that detailed.

So, we became interested by e-learning methods. E-learning is a way to use directly students’ skills and not just suffering from an annoying lecture. At first, we thought that we could build our own platform but it was too difficult. Furthermore, today, there is like a university policy on the e-learning context. We find that very great for our external communication with the professionals and the future students. That shows that we are following the new technologies and the new way to teach.

That is why we use Tocosk to train our student in the first year of their studies here. We do that at this stage because they have to gain strong skills on Excel for the following years. When Excel is finally mastered, they can now use it in their Professional environment or at school. We are extremely satisfied with Tocosk. It’s easy, the exercises are well-explained and very relevant. Moreover, the Tocosk team is always here to help us in case of problems. They always answer with patience and calm.

The students like the elearning concept. It allows them to do the training when they want, where they want. At ENSTBB, we gave them a deadline for letting them the time to finish the exercises. They had the chance to manage their work. Furthermore, some students came to me saying that they have enjoyed using Tocosk. After Tocosk, we have observed a real difference. The teachers saw that the studients were more comfortable in their results' analysis. We think they are now able to go on internship and to satisfy clients' expectations.

If I had to give a general evaluation of this experience, I would say that Tocosk e-learning solution answers two questions. First, we sometimes have to accept that some special organisms are more specialized, more experts than our teachers. So, for Excel, we had to call experts. Secondly, with Tocosk, we met students’ expectations. They were tired to learn all by heart and there was a lack of concentration during the computer class. We realized that they just wanted to learn freely.

Sébastien Villain, PhD, ENSTBB

Airsoft Entrepot

The company Airsoft Entrepot wished to share its experience on the e-learning training about office suite provided by Tocosk. Salim, CEO, and Aurélien, quality manager, testify about the efficiency of our method.

Oliver Wyman

Oliver Wyman is one of the biggest consulting firms in strategy in the world with 4000 collaborators in 26 countries.

The impact is great on us. The software is very educational and has allowed me to learn a lot of thinks I didn't know before. Tocosk is very intuitive and everyone is capable to use it independently.

Hassan S., Consultant

A great, detailed and simple review of the Office Tools. The "Validation exercises" at the end of each module are particularly relevant.

Adrien F., Consultant

The practical exercises for understanding each concept are explained in a clear and detailed way. In a time when we learn by doing, I can't see a more powerful tool to master Office.

Victor P., Senior Consultant