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The memorization rate when learning occurs through practice. It is 20% with video solutions, 10% when it comes to reading tutorials.

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Time saved by an executive each month thanks to Tocosk software training solutions.

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The Tocosk training lasts an average of 3 hours, whereas a video training last 12 hours, and a classroom training 2 days

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Learners practice their exercises with genuine softwares. Case studies verify lessons are assimilated.

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An exclusive diagnosis sets a specific level for each learner.

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Microsoft Office experts are available to help and encourage.


The diagnosis is free, only people who need it are trained.

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10-15 minutes lessons, available everywhere and anytime.

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The idea of using Tocosk was interesting for everyone in the company : “Being free to train anywhere, anytime is a huge asset”.

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"With Tocosk, we met students’ expectations : their wish to learn freely."

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"Tocosk is a flexible solution where everyone can learn at his own pace. Furthermore, we saw an important gain of efficiency after it"

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How to use $ in formulas ? VLOOKUP and INDEX / MATCH Excel functions ? Pivot Tables ? PowerPoint animations ? Learn everything you need to know about Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint with Tocosk

Some lessons :

Pivot Tables

15 minutes to discover how to create and fill a "Pivot Table", this Excel specific tool that allows you to synthesize and analyze a large database within a few clicks.Learn more...

Data aggregation

In 20 minutes, learn how to retrieve data from a large table of data, with the VLOOKUP() function. For example, find a phone number from a person's name in a phone list.Learn more...

Date and Time

Learn how dates and times work in Excel will allow you to automate some tasks as the update of a calendar/schedule, and to calculate with time data in order to optimize your future projects.Learn more...

Animate objects

20 minutes to learn how to use all the possibilities of animations provided by PowerPoint: make an object move, add some sound to the presentation, manage the succession and the superposition of animations.Learn more...


In 20 minutes, learn how to lay out a document of several pages: use columns, set margins, select portrait or landscape format, etc.Learn more...




  • 7 days licence*
  • Pre training diagnosis

*this offer is limited to 10 exercises, excluding diagnosis


150 €

per user
  • 12 months licence
  • Pre training diagnosis
  • Office experts coaching
  • Skills certification
  • Admin space


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  • 12 months licence
  • Pre training diagnosis
  • Office experts coaching
  • Skills certification
  • Admin space
  • Custom-made lessons
  • LMS integration (SCORM, AICC)